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Best Landscape Maintenance Services in Williamsburg, VA

Landscape maintenance, also known as grounds keeping, includes keeping gardens and landscapes healthy, clean, safe, aesthetically pleasing, and fresh. It takes a village to maintain, beautify and keep gardens blooming and beaming.

Engulfed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, one tends to not have the time and energy to befittingly care for their gardens. It is for this reason that landscaping contractors in Williamsburg, VA come in handy. With a reliable and experienced contractor within reach, you can ensure that the life of your garden is prolonged and it remains clean at all times. All you have to do is conduct thorough research, ask the right questions, and find the company that suits your budget.

While a few people enjoy gardening because it de-stresses them, others choose to spend whatever time off they get with friends and family. Whatever may be your choice, you will need a landscaping contractor at some point in your journey because there are certain technical aspects that only they can understand. Here is a list of services that you can opt for:

Lawn Bed Maintenance

Periodic lawn bed maintenance is necessary for the overall health of any space. Garden beds need timely maintenance by shifting twigs, and removal of stray branches, flower beds, and leaves. In addition to this, weed control measures are employed, shrubs trimmed and trees pruned.

Spring Maintenance

Spring-fall clutter wreaks havoc everywhere around the property. During these months, it is also necessary to do regular and deep cleaning. For this reason, it is called bed edging and involves a thorough cleaning of the landscaping ground.


When stems and leaves get stuck at the root base of growing grass, dethatching will be the solution for it. Leaves and stems of this kind clog the base of the grass and feed on essential nutrients, thereby leading to the weakening of the system.


Who can run away from trimming? It is by far the most essential service related to Landscape Maintenance Services in Williamsburg, VA. When the branches, hedges, or trees are overgrown, they give a shabby appearance. It thus becomes important to regularly have them trimmed.

Yard Clean up

Yard waste refers to branches, leaves, stems, and other plant waste that can cause a messy look. The most regularly engaged service is yard clean up maintenance because the shedding is bound to happen.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming refers to trimming down plants and trees in some geometrical shape or the other. For those who want to give their lawns a neat, tidy, and structured look, this is a must-do. This job requires skill therefore it becomes necessary to hire a professional.

Irrigation Start up or Shut down Service

During the winter season, what do you take refuge in? It surely is the irrigation system. If one starts this unprofessionally, it can cause irreversible damage. It is advisable to hire a contractor who guides you through the whole process.


Pruning is disposing of decayed and dead leaves of plants. Trimming and pruning must be done when the plants or trees can grow back and bloom. It also depends on how much of the plant you chop off. If one chops off wrongly, the plant will not grow back.


Mulching is similar to pruning but it adds an aesthetic appeal to your space and provides a number of water retention benefits. This is further tied to weed control and root insulation.

Lawn Protection

Lawn protection includes protecting plants from diseases revolving around fungal growth, grubs, and brown patches. This is a long process but a rather crucial one.

Lawn Mowing and Aeration

Lawn mowing is a packaged service with hedging and spring trimming service. In the same way, lawn aeration refers to poking holes in the soil to prevent it from compacting. This enables the soil to absorb water, air, and nutrients better and the roots to grow healthy.

While these are a few landscape maintenance services, the list of landscape installation, maintenance, and enhancement services does not end. On the face of it, these may seem simple, but that is not the case. They require proper skill and professionalism as well as experience to not falter. All vegetation has life brewing in it which must be protected at all costs. So, have your landscaping needs met by the premium landscape service contractor in Williamsburg, VA - Joseph Lawncare Service.

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